G3 - Roadmap

The Product development in the coming years.

The key milestones for the development of the CMS G3.


Admin Redesign with Drag & Drop Support

The CMS G3 support drag and drop thanks to the use of the latest front-end technologies. This makes it easy to create and manage websites.

Mulit-Site Capabilities

In addition to the existing client handling now the CMS G3 also supports multi-sites. This makes it possible to manage hierarchical structures with automatic inheritance of structures and even content. That allows both large global and small international companies a centralized and distributed work per site.

Interoperability, Connectivity and Cloud Service Integration

The information exchange with external systems is simplified by standardized interfaces and functions, so that services are integrated and can be configured in the cloud . This may be a simple text translation or picture library.

More SEO friendly

Friendly URL, meta tag management for sites, products or news are already part of the standard CMS G3. However, since SEO plays a fundamental component of successful websites, the content management is already taking care to ensure that the most important guidelines for onpage optimization are met.

Collaboration, Workflows and Versioning

By today the CMS G3 has already an integrated Event Viewer so that any adjustment can be tracked during the administration. The process is simplified with an integrated CMS versioning, task management and workflow support.

Multi-Channel Support

Online channels form the basis for CMS G3 Multi-channel support. The classical channel Web (browser), the mobile channel (smartphones and Tablet PC), but also the classical communication channel (e-mail clients) are covered by CMS G3. Thanks to global contents redundancies are avoided, so that content that appears at more then one place can be edit centralized.

Personalization and Semantic Web Support

Everyone talks about it and the CMS G3 makes it possible. We use personal profiles to deliver a user-oriented information and visualization.