Flexibility and individuality thanks to a high adaptability.

Flexibility and individuality thanks to a high adaptability.

Our CMS G3 with the basic modules builds the basic package, which provides you all necessary tools to create and maintain traditional Websites. You have no limitations regarding the number of sites, pages, and authors!

Your unique design is implemented by individual layout templates. You can easy select the layouts when creating new website to fit the coorporate design. This gives your  personal touch to your CMS implementation.

Thanks to our ever growing portfolio of CMS G3 standard modules, you have a very powerful and extensible CMS platform on demand. No matter whether it is a complex e-Business solution, or a global document management. Just a few steps are necessary so you can benefit of it.

In very rare cases, one needs a special and tailored individual development of a CMS G3 module. Despite these individual development, you can continue to reap the full benefits of a CMS G3 standard solution. Therefor no limits are given.