Maintenance & Hosting

Maintenance and hosting of your solutions are also part of the overall package of services of CMS G3.


Our Helpdesk & Support team is aviable even after the introduction of a solution. No matter whether it's to provide training, support for the content filling or for questions. No matter what channel of communication you prefer. A team of Web developers and publishers guarantees to support you quickly and reliably.


The INM AG provides CMS G3 Solutions in cooperation with the hosting partner iWay AG. The data center is equipped with modern hardware and networking technology. To fully redundant infrastructure ensures a proper operation of your solution.

Monitoring the servers with SMS Gateway

A sophisticated monitoring system controls 24/7 the activities of the server and reports any malfunction or failure by SMS (SMS Gateway) to the responsible technician.The system works with two external servers that are monitored through a system developed by INM AG.


Load balancing refers to the distribution of the load on multiple servers. The system will secure the uptimes of your server when a site has a lot of traffic or interruptions.