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The Blacksocks SA was founded by Samy Liechti in 1999. The Swiss e-commerce company became known worldwide through his socks subscriptions. Who buys a sock subscription will be delivered with black socks during the year, convenient and postage free home. Since 2007 the service also provides underwear and shirts.





In order to enhance their online presence, Blacksocks, launched in collaboration with the INM AG, an innovative social media campaign. The project was based on the "Be a gentleman Game." A Facebook application has been realised, which ensured the viral spread of the Game.

In addition to social media project a global search engine optimization has been realised, which pushed the site Blacksocks to the top spots in Google rankings. The website www.blacksocks.com has recieved a complete redesign and our CMS G3 to manage its content.


Blacksocks marches with G3

Since 3 years, INM accompanies as Internet partner the success story of blacksocks.com. Our content management system G3 with its sophisticated functions ensures the smooth operation. Even non-technicians can work with it quickly, easily and intuitively. G3 for blacksocks provides a highly integrated solution with 3rd party platforms (ERP, payment systems, credit checks) and the link to social media networks. This also includes a dynamic online store with context- and user-specific content, and innovative controls and features. The new CMS G3 extends the classical features such as content management, digital asset management, product catalog management and monitoring the shopping cart contents to new dimensions. There are also interactive components and integration with social media. This increases the productivity of farming, improves the operational stability and the speed for the user. All these components contribute to the success story of blacksocks on.


Blacksocks SA