The name G3 has existed since over 10 years now and is used by renowned companies.

G3 - Content Management System

The Enterprise Content Management System G3 has been developed over more than 10 years by INM AG. Companies such as Brother Europe International, Blacksocks, Hornbach or MIGROS do use the CMS G3 as a strategic marketing tool for their intranet or internet online and digital solutions.

The CMS G3 of the INM AG not only perfectly serves enterprise solutions tailored for their classic web platform, but rather for innovative Mobile, e-Business, Social Media Marketing and Community Management solutions. No matter if you want to create an intranet portal, a classic internet site, an interactive micro site, a complex online shop or just use it as your web solution framework. You can even use it to manage content for your mobile web site or smart phone application by reusing any type of content (e.g. text, picture, documents, news, and product catalogue). Have you been aware, that you can even create a Facebook application with CMS G3?

The following main actions can be done easily with the standard installation of CMS G3 without any knowledge of programming:

  • Managing web site structures and navigations
  • Uploading and administrating of pictures and documents
  • Creating and formatting of web pages by using web elements e.g. Titles, Editors, Pictures, Documents
  • On-page optimization of your page thanks built-in meta-tag and friendly URL management
  • Contact-Form design and creation
  • Generating and integration sitemap structures and definitions with Google 
  • Searching for any type of content (document content search is available as additional feature)
  • Administration of public and closed users and user groups including fine-granular security management
  • Event and trace log of any activity performed by users
  • Drag & Drop support including simultaneous editing 

All these and many additional features are available with no limitations on number of users, pages, languages and even sites.


In order to built more sophisticated solutions we do offer a large set of additional application modules, which can be acquired at any time and are easy to be plugged-in. Look & Feel remains exactly the same, but your CMS becomes this way a very powerful web platform. In special cases, we can even develop a customer specific application module, which addresses your specific requirements, but does not affect any other application module or does not require any additional infrastructure and education investments.